[4.1] The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain Raid Strategy Guide

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[4.1] The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain Raid Strategy Guide

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The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain Raid Strategy Guide

This guide aims to provide tips and strategies for defeating Shinryu Extreme in the Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain.

Shinryu is the third Primal in Stormblood, available October 10th in Patch 4.1. Players must have completed the Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood” and the sidequest “Songs in the Key of Kugane”. Players must be item level 320 or above to challenge this fight in a non-premade group.

Weapons are all i335.

Token (one per kill per player):
Shinryu Totem

Ten Shinryu Totems can be traded in for one Shinryu weapon of your choice (7 for Sword, 3 for Shield).

Weapons (one per kill):
Shinryu’s Longsword + Shinryu’s Shield
Shinryu’s Claws
Shinryu’s War Axe
Shinryu’s Lance
Shinryu’s Greatbow
Shinryu’s Daggers
Shinryu’s Greatsword
Shinryu’s Revolver
Shinryu’s Cane
Shinryu’s Rod
Shinryu’s Grimoire
Shinryu’s Codex
Shinryu’s Ephemeris
Shinryu’s Katana
Shinryu’s Rapier

Shinryu’s Scales
Legendary Kamuy Fife


Corrupted Aether
Shinryu regularly gains Corrupted Aether, noted by a duty bar. When this is full, Shinryu will use a Corrupted Aether spell. Additionally, there are water puddles that spawn randomly.

If the Heart is alive, Shinryu's next Corrupted Aether skill will wipe the raid. When killed, deals damage to Shinryu. The Heart regenerates throughout the fight, gains additional HP each time, and has a passive Regen effect.

Earthen Fury
  • Large raid-wide AoE damage.
Tidal Wave
  • Tilts arena in the direction opposite of where the wave spawns. Knocks players to the opposite direction.
  • Large raid-wide AoE damage. Players must stand in water to mitigate this. Inflicts a light damage over time debuff for 20 seconds afterwards.
Judgment Bolt
  • Large raid-wide AoE damage. Do not stand in water as the damage will become lethal. Has a 15% chance to inflict a Paralysis debuff on any number of players. This can be Esuna'd.
Diamond Dust
  • Large raid-wide AoE damage. Inflicts the debuff Thin Ice to all players, which makes them slide when inputting a movement command.
Aerial Blast
  • Large raid-wide AoE damage. Continuously knocks players outside from the centre, but players cannot stand in the centre.
Shinryu’s Wings
Shinryu’s Wings will sometimes emit an ominous glow, and cast an ability. This can be seen on the cast bar on the enemy list.

Summon Icicle
Indicated by Shinryu’s Left Wing emitting an ominous glow. Multiple Icicles spawn at the edges of the arena, and charge in a straight line through the arena (Spikesicle). Players must position themselves to dodge them. Failure to do so inflicts a stacking Slow debuff.

Indicated by Shinryu’s Right Wing emitting an ominous glow. Stack and stand in a water puddle to avoid lethal damage. Hypernova will also remove the Deep Freeze debuff.

Indicated by Shinryu’s Right Wing emitting an ominous glow. Deals damage in an AoE centered around each player. Spread out to avoid clipping each other. Inflicts a lightning damage over time debuff with an unknown reason.

Ice Storm
Indicated by Shinryu’s Left Wing emitting an ominous glow. Deals moderate raid-wide AoE damage.

Abilities - Phase One
Akh Morn
A heavy shared tank buster. Tanks must mitigate this. Akh Morn always targets the player with aggro, and shares with the closest player. In addition, Akh Rhai will accompany Akh Morn. Akh Rhai is a ground targeted Akh Morn - simply walk out to avoid damage.
  • Like every Akh Morn, the number of hits increases by one every cast.
Tail Slap
Marks a random player with a green marker. The player must take the marker to a non-damaged platform. A short while after the marker resolves, Shinryu’s Tail will spawn on the platform.
  • Make sure to move off the marked platform after the marker resolves.
  • Tail Slap damages the platform. If a cracked platform is damaged, it will break.
  • If the platform is broken, the Tail will fall right through and disappear extremely fast.
Shinryu’s Tail is an add, which when killed, deals damage to Shinryu.

Smashes the centre of the arena. Stand outside to dodge.

Burning Chain
Tethers two players with a debuff that does damage over time. Run away from your tether partner to break the chain. Will always chain players of the same role.

Earth Breath
Marks one DPS and one Healer with orbs above their head. After a short while, deals damage in a cone to both marked players. Also inflicts both players with an Earth damage over time debuff.
  • Move to pre-assigned sides of the arena to avoid cleaving the party.
The Worm’s Curse
All DPS are inflicted with a debuff that stops HP regeneration and deals damage over time. They are also tethered to an untargetable Reiryu add. However, dealing damage will restore HP.

The Reiryu add must be healed to full to kill the add. If a target with the Worm’s Curse dies, the add explodes and inflicts a damage down debuff on the entire raid.

Shinryu dives through the middle of the arena. Run to the very edge to avoid being knocked off.

Dark Matter (Active Time Maneuver)
Repeatedly press a button to escape Fetters.

Abilites - Phase Two
Proximity damage that knocks players back. Run true North to get knocked onto the secondary platform.

During Phase 2, Shinryu spawns adds repeatedly. These spawn from Meteor Impacts, dealing proximity damage.

Hakkinryu adds periodically cast Death Sentence, a physical tank buster. They also cast Blazing Trail, a wide line AoE.

Ginryu adds will cast Fireball after a while, dealing damage in a small circle AoE. They can also cast Blazing Trail.

Players will be targeted with proximity markers after a while, which will also spawn adds. Place these at the very edges of the room to reduce damage taken from Meteor Impact.

After all adds are killed, Shinryu will use its ultimate, Protostar. This must be heavily mitigated. It will then pierce its tail onto the platform. This knocks players back from the centre and kills all players caught in the impact. Players must climb the tail and run to the main platform while dodging AoEs. After the tail retreats, the original platform is destroyed.

Abilities - Phase Three
Shinryu no longer has Corrupted Aether in the last phase. Instead, a dark puddle spawns underneath him. Standing in the puddle inflicts players with a Doom debuff, instantly killing them when it resolves.

Ice Storm
Ice Storm is the same as in the first phase, however all players that are not moving will be inflicted with the Deep Freeze debuff, causing them to be unable to perform any actions for a few seconds.

Instead of standing in a water puddle to mitigate Hypernova's damage, all players must be inflicted with Deep Freeze to mitigate the damage instead.

Now places a ground AoE marker under each player instead of targeting them with an AoE centered around them. Players should stack and move out once the markers come out.

Tera Slash
A heavy physical tank buster that inflicts a vulnerability debuff and crits unless Awareness is active. Tank swap during the cast to ensure the current MT does not die to an auto attack.

Atomic Ray
Players are marked with a share marker. They must share damage with one other player to avoid taking lethal damage and a vulnerability stack.

Benighting Breath
A large conal AoE that inflicts Infirmity and deals heavy damage.

Moderate raid-wide damage that inflicts an Infirmiry debuff on all players for one minute. Players must be standing inside the Doom puddle when the cast bar resolves to avoid getting inflicted with the debuff.

Shinryu’s Wings
Zenos Yae Galvus will prompt you to climb onto Shinryu’s back and Shinryu starts casting Tidal Wave. From there, Shinryu’s Right Wing and Left Wing starts casting Hellfire and Judgment Bolt.
  • This is a major DPS check as both wings must be killed before they finish casting.
  • Focus the Wing that starts casting first, and then the other Wing.
  • When a wing is killed, Shinryu will take approximately 9% of his HP.
  • Tidal Wave is the enrage of the fight.
  • Kill Shinryu before it kills you with Tidal Wave.
Fight Mechanics

Phase 1
The Worm’s Heart
Corrupted Aether: Earthen Fury
Burning Chain
Corrupted Aether: Tidal Wave
Tail Marker + Summon Icicle
Tail Slap
Hypernova OR Levinbolt
The Worm’s Heart
Ice Storm + Dragonfist
Akh Morn
Summon Icicle
Corrupted Aether: Hellfire OR Judgment Bolt
Hypernova OR Levinbolt
Tail Marker
Tail Slap
Ice Storm
Burning Chain + The Worm’s Heart
Earth Breath
Akh Morn
Ice Storm
Corrupted Aether: Diamond Dust
Burning Chain (healers only)
The Worm’s Curse
Tail Marker
The Worm’s Heart + Tail Slap
Summon Icicle
Akh Morn
Corrupted Aether: Aerial Blast
Burning Chain
Earth Breath
Ice Storm
Divebomb + The Worm's Heart
Akh Morn
Tidal Wave
Repeat from Phase One

Shinryu phases at 42%, casting Dark Matter.

Phase 2
1x Hakkinryu + 4x Ginryu
2x Hakkinryu + 3x Ginryu
5x marker -> 5x Ginryu

Phase 3
Tera Slash
Burning Chain
Atomic Ray
Ice Storm
Hypernova OR Levinbolt
Wyrmwail OR Benighting Breath
Tera Slash
The Worm’s Curse
Repeat from Phase Three

Shinryu will push to his Wings phase at 23%.

Strategy Summary
Phase One
  • Perform mechanics while mitigating and healing through heavy AoE and auto attacks.
  • Have a priority of who is going where for the Burning Chains. As tanks and healers are tethered to each other, they can always run in the opposite direction.
  • The first Tail Marker targets a healer, and this should be dropped in the SE platform relative to the boss. The second Tail Marker targets a DPS and should be dropped in the NW or NE platform relative to the boss, depending on which platform is not cracked. The final Tail Marker will be on a tank and should be dropped in the SW platform relative to the boss.
  • Stand away from the tanks during Akh Morn, and spread out to reduce incidental Akh Rhai damage.
  • Kill Worm Hearts and Tails ASAP.
  • DPS should go in the direction opposite of the Healer for Earth Breath.
  • Healers should communicate which Reiryu adds they will heal.
  • Dodge the divebomb if Shinryu is not pushed already.
Phase Two
  • Run to the North as soon as possible to get knocked to the secondary platform and avoid proximity damage.
  • Assign tanks adds to pick up - either the large adds or small adds, or have one tank pick up all the small adds with AoE and the other AoE as well while maintaining single target enmity on their large add.
  • Use efficient AoE damage to clear the small adds while focusing the large adds down.
  • Make sure to spread out to the outer edge of the arena to drop Meteor Impacts, as they can be deadly.
  • Be ready to mitigate Protostar right as the adds die. It is six seconds from the last add death to the attack.
  • Stand in a diagonal area of the platform to avoid getting knocked down.
  • Save Sprint to run to the main platform. The green AoE lines will stun.
Phase Three
  • Don’t stand for too long in the middle, as players will be inflicted with a quick acting Doom debuff.
  • Shinryu is omni-positional, so melee can stand anywhere.
  • Be sure to cooldown Tera Slash and swap during the cast bar.
  • To do Atomic Ray + Burning Chain, assign NE, NW, SE, and SW corners to one DPS and one Healer/Tank each. Stack on the MT as there are no positional requirements. When the chains go out, everyone move out to their positions, which will automatically break the chain. The DPS should then adjust to the positioning of the Healer and the Tanks.
  • If Hypernova is casting during Ice Storm, enter Deep Freeze and stack to have Hypernova remove the debuff, and to prevent lethal Hypernova damage.
  • If Levinbolt is casting during Ice Storm, stack to have AoEs drop together and move out once the markers appear, ensuring movement to not be inflicted with Deep Freeze (credit: /u/Syldris)
  • Jump on Shinryu’s back as soon as possible, in order to fight the DPS check.
  • Kill the Wing that casts first, and then the other wing. it seems whichever one of Hellfire and Judgment Bolt starts casting first is random. You may have to adjust your position a little as a melee.
  • After both Wings are dead, adjust your position again to damage Shinryu for the last few % of his HP.
Role Specific Tips

WIP, more to come.


Phase One
  • The MT must maintain aggro on Shinryu to take auto attacks and Akh Morn. The OT will automatically take auto attacks without any aggro issues.
  • Move left and right under Shinryu's hitbox to maintain uptime dealing with Burning Chain.
  • PLD can use Tempered Will to avoid sliding for Tidal Wave. WAR can time Onslaught and DRK can time Plunge. The latter two are much harder to execute, however.
  • Akh Morn is usually shared, but tanks can elect to take it alone with an invulnerability. Swap to make full use of both tank ultimates. The OT should move away from the explosion radius.
  • Use minor cooldowns on raid busters or auto attacks and major cooldowns on tank busters.
  • Party mitigation (Shake It Off and Divine Veil) should be used on Corrupted Aether raid busters.
Phase Two
  • Decide which tank is picking up which add ahead of time. One tank can pick up every single add in the first wave, but the second wave has two large adds.
  • Use AoE enmity generation moves to both efficiently deal damage and generate enmity on the small adds.
  • Have a minor cooldown up for Death Sentence, and pair it with tank stance or on-demand mitigation (The Blackest Night, Sheltron, Intervention) for maximum safety.
Phase Three
  • Tank swap during the cast bar for Tera Slash.
  • Make sure Awareness is active when taking Tera Slash without an invulnerability.
  • Shinryu is omni-directional, and as such tanks do not have to worry about positioning for melees. However, it may be wise to tank him facing perpendicular to the party after Levinbolt for ease of dodging Benighting Breath.
  • Shinryu will only autoattack the MT during this phase, and will not auto in the Wing phase at all.

Phase One
  • Make sure all players are topped off before any Corrupted Aether mechanic, as large raid-wide damage always accompanies the mechanic.
  • Take Surecast to prevent sliding during Tidal Wave and/or Aerial Blast.
  • Decide which healer is sliding for the third Burning Chain during Diamond Dust.
  • Keep an eye out for Ice Storm, especially the one after Earth Breath since that can take out the healer with residual DoT damage.
  • Make use of efficient AoE healing and oGCD healing abilities (Whispering Dawn, Indomitability, Earthly Star, Collective Unconscious, Asylum, Assize, etc.) to heal up the heavy AoE damage that occurs throughout the fight.
  • Communicate which Reiryu adds are being healed.
Phase Two
  • Large amounts of healing after the adds spawn can generate unnecessary enmity, so only heal up what is needed.
  • Top the party off before each set of Meteor Impact and Protostar.
Phase Three
  • Shinryu will auto attack the MT twice per autoattack this phase (one from each Wing) so it is imperative to keep them healthy with regens.
  • Provide mitigation and shields for Atomic Ray + Burning Chain as well as Ice Storm + Levinbolt or Hypernova as the combined AoE damage will add up.
  • Again, communicate which Reiryu adds are being healed.
  • There is no healing to be done during the Wing phase. Go crazy with DPS to ensure the check is met.

Phase One
  • The Worm's Heart has a hitbox essentially the same as Shinryu, meaning AoE will always hit both. Make use of efficient AoE abilities to maximize damage output. Examples include Elixir Field, Geirskogul, Hellfrog Medium, Contre Sixte, and many more.
  • Cross-class skills such as Arm's Length and Surecast to maximize uptime during Tidal Wave.
  • It is possible to stack melee in a puddle in Shinryu's hitbox and ranged in another puddle to survive Hypernova. Alternatively, just all stack in the same puddle in the hitbox for maximum uptime.
  • Adjust to healer position for Earth Breath if they are moving left and right.
  • Make a note of where you will drop the Tail Marker beforehand, so you are not scrambling to find your position.
  • Move out of Akh Rhai ASAP.
Phase Two
  • Use AoE oGCDs and single target GCDs to efficiently take down the small adds while killing the large add in time.
  • There are a few seconds after the Meteor Impact markers appear and before they resolve the location to drop. Make sure you know the timing to gain uptime.
Phase Three
  • Melee should aim to stay inside Shinryu's hitbox for Atomic Ray.
  • All major cooldowns should be up as the phase starts, so use them there.
  • Efficiently spread DoT to both Wings, but make sure to focus the Wing casting first to meet the DPS check.
  • Melee LB3 can kill a Wing after it is damaged slightly. Caster LB will not work on them.
Author's Notes
I tried a new style of guide, where I briefly touch over mechanics and what they do, then the order, then how to execute mechanics correctly. I think it is by design better than my old ones.

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