Omega: Sigmascape V3.0 (Savage) Raid Strategy Guide

By Kiri Kotone


This guide aims to provide tips and strategies for defeating Guardian in Sigmascape V3.0 (Savage). Guardian is the third fight in the Sigmascape Raid, available January 30th in Patch 4.2. Players must have completed the Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood” and the sidequest “Test World of Ruin”. Players must be item level 350 or above to challenge this fight in a non-premade group.





  • Diamond Trousers of Fending
  • Diamond Trousers of Aiming
  • Diamond Trousers of Healing
  • Diamond Trousers of Maiming
  • Diamond Trousers of Casting
  • Diamond Trousers of Scouting
  • Diamond Trousers of Striking
  • Diamond Gauntlets of Fending
  • Diamond Circlet of Healing
  • Diamond Helm of Aiming
  • Diamond Helm of Maiming
  • Diamond Boots of Scouting
  • Diamond Gauntlets of Striking
  • Diamond Hat of Casting

Token (one per weekly kill per player)

  • Sigmascape Datalog V3.0

Eight Datalogs can be traded in for a Legs equip of your choice.


  • Ryumyaku Solvent
  • Ryumyaku Weave

The Ryumyaku Solvent is used to upgrade a Ryumyaku weapon to item level 370.

The Ryumyaku Weave is used to upgrade a Ryumyaku left side equip except belt to item level 370.


Throughout the fight, Guardian will Load, Retrieve, Copy, and Paste programs from the two TV screens in the back. The type of program he uses will determine what mechanics are used. Each type of mechanic has an opening move associated with it when loaded, and a set of adds that is spawned by Run Program. However, there are only two different patterns of mechanics, and the very first mechanic will decide the mechanic order for the rest of the fight. The patterns are indicated as Pattern 1 and Pattern 2.

Arms Length and Surecast are recommended, but not necessary. One Interject or Head Graze is necessary if there is no Ninja with Jugulate.

Bibliotaph Mechanics: Run Program Summons Bibliotaph in the Northwest corner of the map. Bibliotaph will repeatedly cast Thrub, a heavy physical tank buster.

Demonic Simulation The opening Bibliotaph mechanic. Summons four platforms with four glowing circles slightly clockwise from each cardinal direction. The platforms must be disabled by having four players stand on each of them. Failure to do so will summon a Biblio add, which cleaves and has lots of HP.

Dadaluma Mechanics: Run Program Summons Dadaluma in the Northwest corner of the map. Dadaluma will repeatedly mark a healer or DPS to take Aura Cannon.

Aura Cannon A wide line AoE casted from Dadaluma towards a marked player. Inflicts a heavy DoT effect for a few seconds to all targets hit that must be healed through.

Chakra Burst Summons eight orbs on the arena, four in the middle towards the ordinal directions and four in the outside on the cardinal directions. These orbs must be soaked by one player each. Failure to do so will deal AoE damage and apply a damage down debuff.

Shockwave The opening Dadaluma mechanic. Knocks back all players from where Guardian is standing. Skills that prevent knockback do work.

Ultros Mechanics: Run Program Summons Ultros in a corner based on the sequence of mechanics in the fight. Ultros will cast Stoneskin, a move that must be silenced.

Ink The opening Ultros mechanic. Does a large AoE on all party members, dealing moderate damage. Spread out to avoid clipping each other with damage.

Tentacle Simulation Spawns four tentacles under random party members. The tentacles will slap down after a short period, dealing heavy damage and applying a vuln stack to anyone caught in the attack. The direction the player is facing when Tentacle Simulation’s castbar resolves is the direction the tentacles will face.

Air Force Mechanics: Run Program Summons four Air Force adds in every corner of the room. These adds will tether to one DPS each.

Diffractive Laser (Air Force) A large conal AoE directed at the tethered DPS. The DPS must be standing at the wall to ensure it does not go through the centre of the arena.

Diffractive Laser (Guardian) The opening Air Force mechanic. A large AoE centered around Guardian with no floor indicator, which deals heavy damage and paralysis to anyone standing in the area.

Bomb Deployment Spawns two bombs around the middle of the arena. The bomb must be defused by moving into the glowing wire as the bomb indicates. Failure to do so will explode the bomb. The bomb is very sensitive to movement and server ticks, so it may be a bit difficult to get the timing right. A single player can only defuse one bomb during each Bomb Deployment, as defusing it will deal light fire damage and inflict a fire vulnerability debuff.

Virus Mechanics: Searing Wind Inflicts the two furthest DPS and furthest tank and healer with Searing Wind. Searing Wind will emit a large AoE from afflicted players three times until the debuffs expire.

Charge Tethers players with Positive or Negative Charge. When the debuff resolves, playesr with opposite charge will be pulled together and players with same charge will be pushed apart. Tethers the two DPS with Searing Wind together and the tank and healer with Searing Wind together with charge of the opposite type and other two DPS with a tank and a healer with charge of the same type.

Aether Rot Inflicts the Aether Rot debuff on a random DPS not afflicted with Searing Wind. This debuff must be passed to another player by standing on top of them before it explodes, wiping the raid. Players who get the Aether Rot debuff will not be able to receive the debuff for a while afterwards. Viral Weapon will make Aether Rot disappear.

Abandonment Inflicts the Abandonment debuff on players without Searing Wind. Players with Abandonment must be standing near another player when the debuff resolves, or they will be inflicted with Hysteria for a few seconds.

Viral Weapon Similar to the mechanic in Argath Thadalfus, players are inflicted with a debuff that randomizes movement based on the spinning arrow on the player’s head. Performing a movement action will instead move the player towards the direction indicated by the spinning arrow.

Guardian Mechanics: Magitek Ray A line AoE targeting a random player cast from the front of Guardian. Has no ground indicator.

Arm and Hammer A heavy physical tank buster. Mitigate and shield as necessary.

Atomic Ray Marks the four DPS with an orange marker on top of them. When the marker resolves, it deals AoE damage around them and leaves a green orb. This green orb will pulse with an AoE thrice, dealing magic damage and inflicting a vuln stack to anyone in the blast.

Missile Targets a random DPS with Prey. They will be damaged by Missile, which leaves a long lasting DoT that must be healed through.

Missile Simulation Summons slow moving missiles that move from one side of the arena to the other. Getting hit by a missile will explode it, dealing extremely heavy damage and applying a vuln stack.

Diffractive Plasma Raid wide heavy AoE magic damage.

Chain Cannon Guardian locks onto a random player’s position, then repeatedly shoots AoEs in that area. Players must bait the AoE in one area and move to another area.

Main Cannon A proximity AoE marker based on where Chain Cannon locked on.

Electric Pulse A large green radar with no cast bar in the centre of the arena. Players must stop moving until the radar disappears. Non-movement actions can still be used.

Fight Mechanics

Intro: Magitek Ray Arm and Hammer Atomic Ray Missile Load (Bibliotaph OR Dadaluma)

Pattern 1 - Load Bibliotaph: Pattern 2 - Load Dadaluma:
Demonic Simulation Shockwave
Missile Simulation
Skip Program (Ultros > Dadaluma) Chakra Burst
Shockwave Run Program (Dadaluma)
Missile Simulation Magitek Ray
Chakra Burst Arm and Hammer
Run Program (Dadaluma) Missile
Magitek Ray Magitek Ray
Arm and Hammer
Missile Skip Program (Air Force > Bibliotaph)
Magitek Ray Demonic Simulation
Retrieve (Ultros) Retrieve Program (Air Force)
Ink Diffractive Laser
Copy Program (Ultros) Copy Program (Air Force)
Diffractive Plasma Missile Simulation
Tentacle Simulation Run Program (Air Force)
Run Program (Ultros, NE) Bomb Deployment
Chain Cannon Arm and Hammer
Main Cannon Magitek Ray
Diffractive Plasma
Load (Ultros)
Load (Air Force) Ink
Diffractive Laser Diffractive Plasma
Missile Simulation Tentacle Simulation
Run Program (Air Force) Run Program (Ultros, SE)
Bomb Deployment Chain Cannon
Arm and Hammer Main Cannon
Magitek Ray Diffractive Plasma
Skip Program (Bibliotaph > Virus) Skip Program (Dadaluma > Virus)

Virus Program: Charge + Searing Wind Aether Rot Abandonment Diffractive Plasma Diffractive Plasma Missile Viral Weapon Magitek Ray Chain Cannon Main Cannon Electric Pulse Arm and Hammer Diffractive Plasma

Pattern 1 - If the first Load was Bibliotaph: Pattern 2 - If the first Load was Dadaluma:
Paste Program (Ultros) Paste Program (Air Force)
Ink Diffractive Laser
Tentacle Simulation Electric Pulse
Bomb Deployment Diffractive Plasma
Atomic Ray Run Program (Air Force)
Magitek Ray Bomb Deployment
Diffractive Plasma Arm and Hammer
Run Program (Ultros, SW) Diffractive Plasma
Missile Simulation
Chain Cannon Load (Bibliotaph) Load (Dadaluma)
Main Cannon Demonic Simulation Shockwave
Diffractive Plasma Electric Pulse Electric Pulse
Run Program (Bibliotaph) Missile Simulation
Load (Bibliotaph) Load (Dadaluma) Diffractive Plasma Atomic Ray
Demonic Simulation Shockwave Diffractive Plasma Chakra Burst
Electric Pulse Electric Pulse Diffractive Plasma Missile
Run Program (Bibliotaph) Missile Simulation Missile Magitek Ray
Diffractive Plasma Atomic Ray Magitek Ray Diffractive Plasma
Diffractive Plasma Chakra Burst Diffractive Plasma
Diffractive Plasma Missile Load (Bibliotaph
Missile Magitek Ray Skip Program (Dadaluma) Demonic Simulation
Magitek Ray Diffractive Plasma Shockwave Electric Pulse
Diffractive Plasma Electric Pulse Run Program (Bibliotaph)
Load (Bibliotaph) Missile Simulation Diffractive Plasma
Skip Program (Dadaluma) Demonic Simulation Atomic Ray Diffractive Plasma
Shockwave Electric Pulse Chakra Burst Diffractive Plasma
Electric Pulse Run Program (Bibliotaph) Missile Missile
Missile Simulation Diffractive Plasma Magitek Ray Magitek Ray
Atomic Ray Diffractive Plasma Diffractive Plasma Diffractive Plasma
Chakra Burst Diffractive Plasma
Missile Missile Load (Ultros)
Magitek Ray Magitek Ray Ink
Diffractive Plasma Diffractive Plasma Tentacle Simulation
Bomb Deployment
Skip Program (Air Force) Atomic Ray
Diffractive Laser Magitek Ray
Electric Pulse Diffractive Plasma
Diffractive Plasma Run Program (Ultros, NE)
Run Program (Air Force) Missile Simulation
Bomb Deployment Chain Cannon
Arm and Hammer Main Cannon
Diffractive Plasma Diffractive Plasma
Extermination Sequence Extermination Sequence

Enrage is a hard casted Extermination Sequence that lasts 15 seconds.

For clarification, the fight goes: Intro Pre-virus Pattern 1 OR Pattern 2 Virus Post-virus Pattern 1 OR Pattern 2 (same pattern) Enrage

Fight Strategy


  • Atomic Ray in this phase can be put to the sides of the boss for melee, and the party stacks behind the boss minus the MT.
  • It is a good idea to drag the boss slightly north, to ensure safety for either Load.

Pre-virus: Bibliotaph:

  • Assign four melee and four ranged to stick together (adjust if you have a different composition). The four melee should start north for Demonic Simulation, and the four ranged should start south. Move counterclockwise as a unit, and do not move out too early. The mechanic is done when there are chains floating above the platform and the circles stop glowing.


  • Shockwave is cast momentarily after loading is finished. Since the boss is north, get knocked back towards the south. Alternatively, use knockback preventing skills such as Surecast, Arms Length, or Tempered Will. Move the boss to the middle of the arena afterwards.
  • Assign one player to each Chakra Burst circle, as they always spawn in the same place. If the boss is in the middle, the four melee can hit the boss from their spots and the four ranged can hit from outside as well.
  • The missiles from Missile Simulation are slow moving, but it can be difficult to keep track of all of them at once. Think of them as line AoEs, and don’t stand in the path of any. Their hitbox is fairly thin.
  • The OT should be ready to pick up Dadaluma at this point after Run Program. He does not cleave, so he can be placed within the boss’s hitbox. Designate an area of the map to be cleared for Aura Cannon targets.
  • Aura Cannon will always target a healer, then DPS, and repeats.


  • Ink is cast immediately after loading is finished. Have everyone spread out - melee stand at max melee range at the four cardinals and ranged loosely behind them to avoid clipping each other. The assigned spots for Chakra Burst work well for this.
  • Stack to the rear of the boss to bait Tentacle Simulation, and have everyone face north, except for the MT which can face south. Move east as a group, then adjust locations to pick up the Ultros add. The tentacles will slap in the north and south, but everyone should be safe on the east side.
  • Ultros will cast Stoneskin, which gives him a huge shield. This must be silenced. After a while, Ultros will enrage, but he does not have too much health.
  • Players should bait Chain Cannon where Ultros spawned, and then begin moving to the opposite side of the arena to be far away from Main Cannon.

Air Force:

  • Diffractive Laser is cast momentarily after loading is finished. Move out of range after the boss turns red.
  • The missiles from Missile Simulation may impede movement towards the Air Force adds. Be careful of your movement and any movement abilities you use.
  • Have the healers or tanks deal with Bomb Deployment in the middle of the room.
  • DPS should move towards their tethered Air Force add and face the tether towards the outside of the arena, as to not shoot Diffractive Laser across the arena. The add will enrage after a long time, but they do not have much HP either. Healers and tanks can help with the adds.

Virus Program

  • Skip Program (Dadaluma/Bibliotaph > Virus) signals the beginning of the second half of the fight.
  • Place the boss in the middle of the room and have players go to pre-assigned positions.
    • Ranged DPS go to the south to bait Searing Wind.
    • The melee DPS should go to the east side, near the middle. One of these players will get Aether Rot, so they should make sure not to collide with any other player.
    • The tanks and healers should be on the north/northwest side of the boss, ready to deal with mechanics.
    • The tank without Searing Wind should provoke the boss to keep him in the middle.
  • After debuffs and tethers come out, go to pre-assigned positions.
    • The ranged DPS with Searing Wind should stand far away from each other on the south side of the arena, one near the southwest corner and one near the southeast corner.
    • The tank and healer with Searing Wind should stand far away from each on the north side of the arena, one near the northwest corner and one near the northeast corner.
    • The melee DPS and tank and healer should stand in the middle, horizontally across from their tether partner close to each other, but not touching. These players should all have the Abandonment debuff.
    • With this positioning, Charge should send the players with Abandonment far away, and the players with Searing Wind close together.
    • The melee DPS afflicted with Aether Rot should IMMEDIATELY pass it to the melee DPS they were knocked away with. The players with Abandonment should move back walking together to the middle of the arena, or stay still if you are not confident in your coordination.
    • The players with Searing Wind should move back to the middle once their debuff expires.
  • From there, pass the Aether Rot to the healers and tanks sequentially until it expires. Melee DPS > Healer > Healer > Ranged DPS > Ranged DPS is also a viable option, but find out what works for your group.
  • Viral Weapon comes out soon. Dodge the Magitek Ray, then look where Chain Cannon is being casted and move out of that.
  • Viral Weapon will have expired by now. Move to the sides of the arena to mitigate Main Cannon, and immediately stop moving when Electric Pulse is cast. When the green radar disappears, it is okay to move. Non-movement skills can still be used.

Post-virus: Bibliotaph:

  • Demonic Simulation is the same as before, but towards the end of the cast Electric Pulse is cast, meaning players cannot move. Therefore, it is imperative to seal the platforms as soon as possible.
  • Have the OT pick up the Bibliotaph add. Three Diffractive Plasmas must be healed and mitigated through, as well as multiple Thrub tank crunches on the OT.


  • Shockwave is the same as before, so be ready for it, however there is an Electric Pulse right after, so stop moving after the knockback.
  • Missile Simulation and Chakra Burst will be accompanied with an Atomic Ray. Have the DPS drop their Atomic Ray towards the ordinal corners of the arena, and then swiftly make their way back to their Chakra Burst orbs, while avoiding missiles.
  • There is no Dadaluma add post-virus.


  • Ink is cast immediately, and followed up by an immediate Tentacle Simulation, so after the AoEs drop players should move in position to bait tentacles.
  • After the tentacles appear, Bomb Deployment will place two bombs in the middle of the arena. The same players should deal with them after the tentacles slam.
  • DPS should place their Atomic Ray towards the ordinal areas of the arena, the same place they drop them for Dadaluma.
  • Move to the Ultros add, which spawns at the southwest or northeast depending on the pattern. Be sure to silence Stoneskin, and look for the Missile Simulation missiles.
  • Move as a group to bait Chain Cannon, then away from the Main Cannon explosion, while taking care to not set off any missiles.

Air Force:

  • Diffractive Laser is accompanied with an Electric Pulse, so make sure to not move after dodging the former.
  • set of Air Force adds is easier than the last, as there are no missiles to block your path. There is still a DPS check, so have healers and tanks help out as necessary.
  • Bomb Deployment should be done exactly the same.

Role Specific Tips


  • Recommended additional Role Actions: Interject
  • Knockback preventing skill such as PLD Tempered Will and WAR Holmgang, and dashes such as DRK Plunge and WAR Onslaught do work on Shockwave, allowing you to position the boss effectively.
  • Arm and Hammer is a physical buster, meaning it can be parried by WAR Raw Intuition. This means that DRK Dark Mind does not work on it.
  • There is not much heavy tank busting damage that comes from Guardian besides Arm and Hammer. Use invulns and heavy cooldowns effectively and use light cooldowns to lessen the burden on healers during periods of heavy AoE damage or movement.
  • If you have no NIN in your group, or they accidentally use Jugulate, Interject can be used in place of it to silence Ultros Stoneskin.
  • A good OT will move precisely when they need to in order to pick up the various adds that spawn, and prep an aggro combo in order to hold it. The adds do light to moderate damage except for the Bibliotaph, which does heavy physical damage. Tank shields like WAR Shake It Off and PLD Divine Veil should be used ahead of time for heavy AoE damage like Ink and Diffractive Plasma.
  • The tank who does not get Searing Wind should be ready to provoke to keep the boss centered, if necessary.
  • PLD’s Cover is useful for Prey and can completely block Viral Weapon.


  • Recommended additional Role Actions: Surecast
  • Regen and mitigate the Prey target as necessary. It does heavy damage, so committing oGCDs such as AST Essential Dignity and SCH Excogitation, or even GCD heals may be the correct choice.
  • The Aura Cannon DoT does less damage than the Prey and can be healed up through regens.
  • Use Surecast to prevent being knockbacked into the wall for Shockwave.
  • AoE damage is light and sparse throughout the fight and can usually be healed through oGCDs like AST Earthly Star and SCH Indomitability, except for post-virus Load (Bibliotaph). There will be Diffractive Plasma spam during the add, and heavy tank damage, so it is the most healing intensive part of the fight.
  • Most groups will have healers perform the Bomb Deployment mechanic. Step on the wire as it glows, and make sure you are coordinating which healer takes which bomb as no player can take more than one.
  • As non-movement actions can still be cast during Electric Pulse, healers can DPS or top players off as long as they don’t move.


  • Recommended additional Role Actions: Surecast (caster), Arms Length (melee), Head Graze (ranged)
  • The fight completely changes timelines based on which pattern is used. Make sure you have DPS cooldown rotations for both patterns.
  • Surecast and Arms Length can be used to prevent the knockback from Shockwave, which is extremely useful during post-virus as Electric Pulse is cast after.
  • Place Atomic Ray to the flanks as melee, and have the party stack on the back for maximum uptime. During post-virus Chakra Burst, make sure to place it away from any soak point. During post-virus Ultros, simply place them off to the side.
  • If the boss is placed to the north side, close to one of the stack locations, keeping uptime during Demonic Simulation will be simple.
  • Players have plenty of time to move to their Air Force add as Diffractive Laser will not cast for a while. However, after missiles disappear, book it to the add as it will soon be cast.
  • If you have no NIN in your group, or they accidentally use Jugulate, Head Graze can be used in place of it to silence Ultros Stoneskin.
  • It may be a wise choice to use caster or ranged LB3 on the boss and Bibliotaph, depending on your raid DPS and available cooldowns.