The Dancing Plague (Extreme) Raid Strategy Guide

By Kiri Kotone


This guide aims to provide tips and strategies for defeating Titania in The Dancing Plague (Extreme).

Titania is the first fight in the Extreme Primal series in Shadowbringers, available June 28th in Patch 5.0. Players must have completed the Main Scenario Quest “Shadowbringers” and having talked to the Minstreling Wanderer in the Crystarium. Players must be item level 430 or above to challenge this fight in a non-premade group.




  • The King’s Sword + The King’s Shield
  • The King’s Claw
  • The King’s Axe
  • The King’s Spear
  • The King’s Longbow
  • The King’s Cleavers
  • The King’s Guillotine
  • The King’s Handgonne
  • The King’s Cane
  • The King’s Rod
  • The King’s Grimoire
  • The King’s Codex
  • The King’s Katana
  • The King’s Rapier
  • The King’s Manatrigger
  • The King’s Tathlums


  • Dancing Wing
  • Fae Gwiber Trumpet

Token (one per kill per player)

  • King Totem

Ten King Totems can be traded in for a King’s weapon of your choice (7 for Sword, 3 for Shield)


ABCD Markers should be placed intercardinally along the circle inside the arena, as well as on the north and the south of the circle, like so. Players should choose protean spots with melee being on cardinals and ranged being on intercardinals, as well as splitting the party into two halves like Seiryu EX or Alphascape V4.0 (Savage) - one tank, one healer, and two DPS in each half. Player should also designate an order in which they take Thunder Rune, marking non-tanks with 1 to 5 markers.

Bright Sabbath

Raid-wide magic AoE dealing moderate damage.

Phantom Rune

Titania will either cast a donut AoE or a circle AoE around her. If she twirls her staff and the AoE is bright yellow, it is donut, and if she stretches out her arms and the AoE is purple, it is a circle AoE. Certain Phantom Runes will always be set.

Chain of Brambles

Titania will tether the four tanks and healers with four DPS with bramble tethers. Players must move away from their tether partner to break the tether.

Mist Rune

Titania spawns eight water puddles around the area: four around the middle circle in cardinal positions, and four along the edge of the arena in intercardinal positions. Players must stand in them as they resolve, or else an add will spawn and the water puddle will disappear. Standing in this puddle gives a Fire Resistance Up buff.

Players will choose designated protean positions to choose which circle they will soak in.

Flame Rune

Titania spawns a giant flaming fist that creates two stack markers on the two healers. Players must stand in the water puddles from Mist Rune that give Fire Resistance Up, and players cannot take two stack markers as they inflict Fire Vulnerability Up.

Divination Rune

A high damage magical cleave on the main tank.

Thunder Rune

Titania tethers a random non-tank player, which deals a light magical AoE around them and inflicts Lightning Vulnerability Up. This tether can be taken by another player, by intercepting it/standing between the player and Titania. The AoE happens six times, and players must pass the tether to ensure no one gets hit by the AoE twice. The OT will take the first tether, and players marked 1 to 5 will take the next 5 tethers.

Fae Light

A magical cleave AoE that must be shared by both tanks. Alternatively, one tank can use an invulnerability. The damage happens three times in a row.

Growth Rune

Titania summons vines at the edges of the arena that expand horizonally and vertically after a while. Players caught in the vines will be bound, take damage, and gain a vulnerability stack.

Frost Rune

Titania summons large AoEs in the middle and around the edge that drop icicles, resolving in sequence and inflicting a vulnerability stack on hit players.


AoE markers appear on all players that deal moderate AoE damage as it resolves.

Adds Phase

Titania will spawn three adds: Puck, Peaseblossom, and Mustardseed.


Puck, Peaseblossom, and Mustardseed will respawn as bigger versions of their original size outside the arena. Each has an additional mechanic as well as more complex mechanics than the previous set.


Puck needs to be picked up by a tank. He casts the following:

Gentle Breeze: A line AoE.
Pummel: A physical tank buster that inflicts stacks of Blunt Resistance down. Puck’s Breath: A stack marker on a random non-tank player.
Puck’s Rebuke: A knockback AoE in the centre of the arena. Standing in this will instantly kill you.
Puck’s Caprice: A raid-wide AoE.


Peaseblossom needs to be picked up by a tank. He casts the following:

Peasebomb: AoE markers over four random non-tank players. The marker will become larger after Peaseblossom respawns.
Hard Swing: A physical tank buster.


Mustardseed does not need to be picked up.

Leafstorm: A conal AoE with spaces in between targeted at a random player. The cone will become larger after Mustardseed respawns.
Whispering Wind: Mustardseed’s enrage, which will wipe the party. It will instead do heavy magical raid-wide damage after Mustardseed respawns.

Being Mortal Titania’s ultimate, heavy raid-wide magical damage.

Fight Mechanics

Phase 1
Bright Sabbath
Phantom Rune (Circle)
Mist Rune
Flame Rune
Divination Rune
Chain of Brambles
Phantom Rune (Donut)

Phase 2
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Thunder Rune
Fae Light
Growth Rune
Chain of Brambles
Divination Rune
Frost Rune
Phantom Rune (Dynamo)

Phase 3
Puck + Peaseblossom + Mustardseed spawn
Peasebomb + Gentle Breeze + Leafstorm
Hard Swipe
Whispering Wind
Hard Swipe

Phase 4
Puck + Peaseblossom + Mustardseed spawn
Peasebomb + Leafstorm
Puck’s Breath
Whispering Wind
Puck’s Rebuke + Chain of Brambles + Vines
Peasebomb + Puck’s Breath
Puck’s Caprice
Being Mortal

Phase 5
Mist Rune
Phantom Rune
Flame Rune
Growth Rune
Phantom Rune
Bright Sabbath
Fae Light
Frost Rune
Bright Sabbath
Thunder Rune
Growth Rune
Chain of Brambles
Phantom Rune
Bright Sabbath
Divination Rune
Bright Sabbath (Enrage)

Enrage is a 10 second long Bright Sabbath cast that instantly wipes the party.

Fight Strategy

Phase 1:

  • Pre-mitigate Bright Sabbath and dodge Phantom Rune by running outside.
  • Players should then move to their designated Mist Rune circles and stand in them as they expire.
  • Afterwards, stack on the north and south puddles in your designated groups to soak the Flame Rune stack.
  • Mitigate and heal Divination Rune. Make sure you are not standing where the main tank is.
  • Tanks and healers run through A to the edge and DPS run through C to the edge to break their tethers. Afterwards, stand in the middle to dodge Phantom Rune.

Phase 2:

  • Players take the Thunder Rune tether in the order designated by their markers at the 2 marker. The OT will take it first, then the 5 marked players will take them in order.
  • The MT and OT should stack with each other to soak Fae Light. Alternatively, the MT can invuln the buster hits.
  • Growth Rune will spawn vines from the NE and SW or the NW and SE of the arena. Players must run N and S just like in Phase 1, but also run in the area the vines are not yet reaching.
  • The MT should face the boss away after breaking their tether, and mitigate and heal Divination Rune.
  • Dodge Frost Rune by moving into the middle after it explodes, and spread for Uplift in protean positions. Go under Titania’s hitbox to dodge Phantom Rune.

Phase 3:

  • The MT should pick up Puck, and the OT should pick up Peaseblossom.
  • The kill order is Mustardseed > Puck > Peaseblossom.
  • Spread out with the Peaseblossom AoEs while dodging the conal and line AoEs.
  • Tanks should use cooldowns for Pummel and Hard Swing, and use an invulnerability on the third stack of Pummel.

Phase 4:

  • The MT should pick up Puck, and the OT should pick up Peaseblossom.
  • The kill order remains the same, Mustardseed > Puck > Peaseblossom.
  • Dodge the first mechanic the same way as the first mechanic in the previous phase, with much less room.
  • Stack in the middle to share Puck’s Breath.
  • Mitigate and heal through Whispering Wind.
  • Vines will spawn in an intercardinal square of the arena, covering two quarters of the arena on opposite sides. Players must use the Puck’s Rebuke knockback to get knocked back into safe corners of the arena, while breaking the tether simultaneously - therefore tanks/healers and DPS should be opposite of each other, either at AC or BD. Dodge Leafstorm right after.
  • Players must then spread out for Peasebomb while all untargeted players stack in the middle to share Puck’s Breath.
  • Shield and mitigate for Titania’s ultimate, Being Mortal.

Phase 5:

  • Players must wait for the Phantom Rune that is random and dodge that before moving to their Mist Rune positions.
  • Growth Rune’s vine will go through North-South or East-West. Players must stack on sides where the vine is not going through - if the vine is North-South players should stack on the east and west puddles, and if the vine is East-West players should stack on the north and south puddles. Rotate clockwise.
  • Dodge the random Phantom Rune and heal through Bright Sabbath.
  • Tanks should stack and mitigate or use an invulnerability for Fae Light.
  • Dodge Frost Rune and Uplift the same way as in Phase 2.
  • Heal through all the AoE damage.
  • Do Thunder Rune as well as Growth Rune into Chain of Brambles the same as in Phase 2.
  • Dodge Phantom Rune - it is random - and heal through AoE and the tank cleave.
  • Burn the boss down before the enrage cast finishes.

Role Specific Tips


  • Pull the boss to the centre of the arena. For consistency’s sake in pugs, face the boss north always, as this will prevent people from getting hit by Divination Rune.
  • Use active mitigation (Sheltron, RI, HoS, TBN) and light cooldowns for autoattacks and heavy cooldowns for Divination Rune. The OT should always be using their active mitigation to help the MT, unless DRK is OT and TBN is unable to be broken.
  • It may be a good idea to use an invulnerability to solo stack Fae Light. WAR has to CD the first hit and HG the second two. If stacking, the OT is free to use all their cooldowns, as they will be back in time for adds.
  • Use your party cooldowns for periods of heavy AoE damage, like Flame Rune or Whispering Wind. Use Reprisals on raid AoEs or tank busters.
  • If one tank hits Mustardseed before picking up their add, he will turn while not moving, allowing for easier usage of positionals for melee.
  • Use light and active mitigation on the add tank busters.
  • Be ready to pick up a Thunder Rune if a player is accidentally hit by the AoE.


  • There is enough time for HoTs to regen the party after the first Bright Sabbath; however, it is unnecessary to use a GCD heal if you mitigate with prepull shields.
  • Shielding the Flame Rune stacks in Phase 1 with any 10% mitigation is enough if everyone is topped. It is the last time you’ll be taking AoE damage in this phase though, so feel free to layer mitigation and let HoTs such as Soil, Asylum, or Collective top up the party after.
  • The MT does not take damage from autos during Thunder Rune, as only people who are taking the tether will be receiving any kind of damage. Placing a ground HoT here is very helpful.
  • Ask your tanks to use an invulnerability on Fae Light to prevent any GCD heals.
  • Be careful of tank HP in the first part of adds phase, as there are a few tank busters. If Puck is dying slowly, give extra attention to that tank. A WHM can use Assize on all three adds and top players at the same time.
  • It is 100% survivable to live two Peasebombs, but be mindful of the Puck’s Breath immediately after in Phase 4.
  • Using a Soil (Collective will do fine) for the first Puck’s Breath stack is incredibly helpful, as it can cover the Whispering Wind that follows. If you don’t have mitigation for the Whispering Wind, make sure you top the party up after Puck’s Breath.
  • Use some solid mitigation on the flame rune stacks, as a non-GCD regen will top players before the next occurence of AoE damage if you save up an instant AoE heal such as Indomitability, Assize, or Earthly Star after Uplift.


  • Use a gap closer back to the boss after breaking your tether to maintain uptime.
  • Ranged Physical DPS should use their party mitigation during periods of heavy AoE damage such as Flame Rune and Whispering Wind.
  • Be aware of what the order is during Thunder Rune.
  • Save 3m party cooldowns for after Growth Rune + Chain of Brambles, as you will lose uptime if you use it on cooldown.
  • It is possible to hit multiple adds with well-placed AoEs.
  • Look in the Balance Discord to find the latest information about DPS rotations and openers in order to meet the DPS check.

Author’s Notes

  • Thanks to the wonderful Memi Saurus for writing healer tips (she solo healed her first clear!) as well as providing a POV of an enrage.